Praying for the Canterbury Gathering

It’s not too soon to pray as Anglican leaders from across the globe meet with the Archbishop of Canterbury in January. The sea is bitter for this journey and the way is scattered with broken promises and broken trust.

Where is the truth?

PIlate and Jesus (1)

Pilate asked Jesus what is truth, but truth is not a thing—truth is the person who stood before him. Truth hung on a cross and died. Truth rose from the grave. Truth sets us free. For it is for freedom Christ came, to set us free.

How does he bring freedom?


It is his kindness that leads us to repentance. Kindness is not a license to condone, but a guard to not condemn. Kindness brings us to our knees. Jesus knew this when he wrote in the sand. Kindness restores trust.

How do we trust?

Do not let your hearts be troubled, Jesus reminds us, even now.  “Trust in God,” he says, “trust also in me.” When we trust Jesus, our broken hearts are healed.