Today at the Cafe: Early Roman Kings

Here’s another track off of Dylan’s new album, Tempest, called Early Roman Kings:

There is also an official music video up for Duquesne Whistle here. Doing some thinking about it – it’s filled with, well, with stuff. It does take a Mafiaesque turn at one point, but didn’t find it “shocking” as Rolling Stone wrote.  Beyond Here Lies Nothin’ – now that was rather shocking.  This one is not so much Goodfellas either as it somehow brings the Cohen Brothers (and their version of humor) to mind.

Dylan does love his carnivals and he’s got his posse with him in this video.  Last time I saw him traveling with such a posse was in his film, Masked & Anonymous (though he had an interesting array in Must be Santa too). There he had John Paul II and Abraham Lincoln in tow. This time it looks like Gene Simmons and Lada Gaga, along with a guy in white t-shirt and cross who could pass for your local Vineyard pastor, the Karate Kid no less, and a dog-tag wearing Harry Potter look-alike who must have left his glasses his home.  They all look like they are looking for a fight but walk right over it.  Juxtaposition must be a favorite past-time.