J.K. Rowling announces her plan to e-publish the Harry Potter series through her new online company

This is a fascinating development in the world of publishing. While not completely cutting out her original print publishers, J.K. Rowling will be self-publishing e-books (along with lots of other things to make the effort an “experience”) later this year.  By making the series available in all e-book formats (and that will be interesting to see) she will open up millions more of the next generation (as well as lots of adults who no longer need to carry their Potter books around with special covers – or not).  I have been looking forward to being able to upload the series to my Kindle.  Imagine – reading any part of the series whenever you want, where ever you are!

Even the Pottermore website is a foray into the next-generation of website platforms.  Take a long look at it – the website (as it’s earlier version as J.K. Rowling’s personal website) is not a flat platform but interactive and personal, emphasizing an experience. 

Let her tell you herself!

Fascinating!   Quote the Raven, Pottermore!
See more about “Pottermore” here at the Pottermore Official website.