Happy Birthday, Bob Dylan!

Today is Bob Dylan’s 70th Birthday – and of course, all of us here a the Cafe are celebrating! Happy Birthday!


And here is a performance from the Rolling Thunder Tour, circa 1974-75. The song, Tangled Up on Blue, reflects on his life from his major works, Blood on the Tracks.

Oh, but he was so much older then, he’s younger than that now.


Here’s a fun – even charming – jamming session from 1999 from the television series Dharma & Greg. Enjoy!

Here is an interesting tour of Greenwich Village where Dylan lived in the early 60s:


And the first public performance of Blowin’ in the Wind:


Here are some cool links to read up – and take a fun trivia test!

Tangled Up In Trivia: Are you a true Dylan fan? Take this 30 question quiz to find out. (Rolling Stone)

Busy Being Born: Read a tribute to Dylan that discusses what his music owes to his fans. (Slate)

I know I’ve Seen That Face Somewhere: See pictures from behind the scenes of Dylan’s first electric tour of Europe in 1966. (TIME)

Hey, Hey Woody Guthrie:  See pictures of people mentioned in Dylan’s songs. (LIFE)

I Had to Say Something to Strike Him Very Weird: The AV Club rounds up some of Dylan’s stranger moves. (AV Club)

How Does It Feel: You know Things Have Changed when Dylan graces the cover of AARP Magazine. (AARP)
Politician Got On His Jogging Shoes: Watch Rep. Joseph Crowley take a page out of Dylan’s book. (The Daily What)

Talkin’ New York Town: “I swung onto my old guitar/Grabbed hold of a subway car/And after a rocking, reeling, rolling ride/I landed up on the downtown side/Greenwich Village.” Watch a walking tour of Dylan’s former stomping grounds: (TIME)

Here’s a cool video of Dylan through the years:

And a fun surprise for an audience with David Crosby and the Byrds:

and finally, these songs are making a big comeback, finally, finally, finally …