Saturday Night at the Cafe: I’ll meet you halfway

The first album I ever bought was the album that included this song called Up to Date. I was ten and living in Mt. Pleasant, S.C. The lasting legacy of that album is that I still remember the birthdays of each individual Partridge (Susan Dey’s birthday is next at Dec. 10), including even Simone the family dog (June 22) who showed up in the first season only of the now classic television series. In fact, I collected all the albums (1971-1972), except for the Greatest Hits album, which was – obviously – redundant. I had moved on (literally, to California), though I still have those albums, for some reason. Guess one never knows when we might forget Shirley Jones’ birthday (March 31). Or Simone’s. It would be better to remember one’s own sister-in-law’s birthday (yesterday). Happy Birthday, Lu.