The Rowan Williams we rarely see …

The Archbishop of Canterbury reflects on Advent in a video that illustrates a new direction for the communication effort coming out of Lambeth Palace and what we’ve hoped to see for a long time. The video, with music to emphasize the tone, shows the Rowan Williams we rarely get to see on the public stage – the sage, the pilgrim, the poet, the contemplative, the kindness of the man. I love that the center of his reflections is totally on Jesus – Jesus. That is a major theological point that we cannot ignore – not the “reinvented cosmic christ that is the holy-we” but Jesus.

May we all continue to keep Rowan Williams sincerely in our prayers. His counsel is wise – that we slow down, take time, let us grow and open up and look for Jesus. It is a time of expectation, a time of waiting, a time of peace, a time to clear our minds and hearts so that we can see clearly when Jesus arrives. May that be so, your Grace. May it be so.

Tip of the tinfoil to Ruth – thank you.