Spikes and chains and beauty and joy?

Introducing The Goth Eucharist?

“A Christian Goth may initially seem to be an oxymoron,” Marcus Ramshaw writes. “Goths, in terms of today’s sub-culture celebrate, with both an ironic and cynical attitude, an approach to life which is frequently both nihilistic and fatalistic. Christians, in contrast are associated with a joyful, faith-filled and positive approach to life, full of hope and a strong belief in redemption. The gothic view of life appears to be a stark contrast to the Christian one.”

That being said, in the Diocese of Bethlehem, St. George’s Episcopal Church, Nanticoke, is hosting what they are calling a “Goth Eucharist” anyway, apparently based on one that began at the Church of St. Edward King and Martyr in Cambridge, England. The will hold their first Goth Eucharist this Saturday.

“I think experiencing a liturgy that’s a little off the wall is intriguing,” said Deacon Lou Divis of St. George’s. “I’m expecting spikes and chains and beauty and joy.”

So will it now be Nine Inch Nails instead of U2? What’s next – an Emo Eucharist?

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