Long-time Episcopal/Anglican Communicators Jan Nunley and Jim Rosenthal leaving posts

In recent days we’ve learned that long-time communications personnel are departing their posts. Jan Nunley of The Episcopal News Service (ENS) for the Episcopal Church has all ready left her post at the 815 headquarters in New York and Jim Rosenthall of the Anglican Communion News Service (ACNS) with the Anglican Communion Office in London, was telling folks attending the recent Compass Rose Society that he’s sadly leaving his post as well by Christmas.

Jan was missing from Lambeth with 815 sending the public relations staffer instead. And it was clear that Jim Rosenthal’s role was greatly reduced at Lambeth – fueling speculation that times were about to change. Both appear to be leaving with sadness, though Jan is back online now with her own blog. It’s clear that the winds have changed – and are changing – but which way are they blowing now?