A conversation with the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Ft. Worth

Greg Griffith’s conversation with the bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Ft. Worth is now online.

Again, one of the many miracles in the midst of the Episcopal Church crisis has been the remarkable forging of deep friendships between Anglo Catholics and Evangelicals. While differences exist, the ability to practice “indaba” as Rowan Williams hoped for at Lambeth 2008 is truly and authentically exercised, as we saw at GAFCON in Jerusalem this summer, between these different biblical traditions within the Anglican Communion and grace continues to be found in these most-crucial days, because on the great essentials there is not only agreement but celebration. Grace also continues to fill the spaces where there is disagreement – and there is disagreement as there are in any healthy family – and the door remains open to seek the mind and heart of Christ, where ever He may lead. Thanks be to God.

Whatever happens – we are a far, far cry from this type of hostile action authorized by The Episcopal Church that led to the breakdown of any chance of trust or understanding in The Episcopal Church between the progressive activists and the Anglo Catholic traditionalists (which, of course, was the intention – dragging even Bishop Lee into it, as we sadly recall). We’re not going back there, but it’s probably wise never to forget lest we are tempted to romanticize the past. We’ve come this far by faith.

Read the entire interview here. The Episcopal Diocese of Ft. Worth meets in convention starting this Friday. The convention will vote on a resolution to also separate from The Episcopal Church.

Photo by StandFirm.