Presiding Bishop releases "statement" on the overwhelming vote by the Episcopal Diocese of Quincy to separate from The Episcopal Church

From here. No kidding. Maybe she can get a job at Saturday Night Live. We can’t even make this stuff up.

“We lament the departure from The Episcopal Church of some individuals in southern Illinois. The Episcopal Diocese of Quincy remains, albeit with fewer members, and we are working to assist in the reorganization of diocesan affairs. We assure all, both Episcopalians and former Episcopalians, and members of their surrounding communities, of our prayers for clarity and charity in their spiritual journeys. May all be reminded that the gospel work of healing this world will take the best efforts of every person of faith.”

LATER: As a public service, regular patrons of the Cafe offer this helpful map to assist the Presiding Bishop in actually locating the Episcopal Diocese of Quincy.