Tin Foil Hat Alert: "We have a new enemy and it ain’t the son of Skywaker"

We thought at first that this was a masterful parody (there are many going around right now). And then we realized over tea and crumpets following the ordinations this afternoon, that the writer is serious. No, really.

Having now exhausted the possibility that The IRD is the focus of all evil for TEC, the tin foil hats are now pointing their twirling props toward the new sinister plot to take over TEC and it’s called, nope, you have to wait for it: The Family.

Reminds you of some folks – or perhaps one in particular – who is nicely tucked away in his California prison cell for, well – forever. Coincidence?

Wonder why Americans are known for their witch hunts? They didn’t end in Salem.

Perhaps this deserves a serious line-by-line rebuttal, but frankly we’ve pulled out about six bottles of Old Ogden’s Fire Whiskey and put them out on the tables and yes, drinks are on the house. This might not be a bad time to order the new Ridley Special either.

And you know the CIA is going to figure into this somehow.

Yep, they’re in there too.

So put on your tin foil hat, pick up your oversized mug of fire whiskey, stay away from open windows, and read forthwith, if you dare.

Click here first for helpful background music.

And then read on. We’ll leave the light on for ya.