What is the difference between a Kangaroo Court and the upcoming Episcopal House of Bishops Meeting in Utah?

Apparently, nothing.

UPDATE: Anglican Curmudgeon blows it all out of the water here.

I keep wondering if there are those American bishops out there who love liberty and justice for all and who recognize the intentions to walk away from those ideals at the next meeting of the Episcopal House of Bishops in Salt Lake City, Utah. Are there bishops out there who are not blind to the ramifications of the hatched up plan to charge the Bishop of Pittsburgh with what amounts to be an ecclesiastical accusation of sedition? Will they remain silent or will they speak? Just how deep does their love of justice go?

Does it go only as deep as the insiders-wink of an ally?

Do they really believe in free speech? Do they really believe in freedom of assembly? Is this outburst of accusing opponents for their lack of suitable loyalty sound remarkably like other examples in history when a minority comes up before the majority in opposition? Instead of robustly making the case to the people, they draw the shades and charge opponents with sedition. Rather than sending their opponents to the gallows, they will chop up their collars and send them into exile. There is no Anglican Communion. There is only the Episcopal Communion and if you dare speak out against such a development, then, well, it’s all over now.

It’s been a long, long time since the United States charged one of its own citizens with acts of sedition. Guess the Episcopal Church has forgotten that justice is not just expecting everyone to agree with you. Civility isn’t civil when it accounts to forcing everyone to agree, when it punishes those who disagree and removes leaders when the laity begin to catch on and use the power of the ballot box. Unable to punish the laity (the court rejected their attempts to sue the laity) Katharine Jefferts Schori turns her sights on creating a scapegoat all our own.

But as Bishop Duncan points out, it is his Diocesan Convention that makes the decision – to charge him ahead of time is to charge him with what are basically acts of sedition. Just exactly what do Episcopal bishops believe freedom and liberty mean? What does conscience mean? And has Schori’s and her lawyers redefined the canons to mean that the Episcopal Church is now the Episcopal Communion?

Is this how dissent is handled, through draconian actions such as these now planned by Katharine Jefferts Schori and her lawyers and those bishops that elected her?

All we know is that kangaroos belong in Australia, not in Utah.