General Convention 2009: If you don’t pay, you don’t play

It appears that General Convention 2009 resolutions are being drafted and signed up by frustrated progressives who seek to punish the laity for not dumping out their purses and wallets into collection plates and sending it up to fill the troubled coffers of The Episcopal Church.

So instead of perhaps pausing a moment to consider the ramifications that if the church promises one thing but delivers another (the old”Bait and Switch”) that perhaps the laity might not be too happy about continuing to finance these innovations and are showing their displeasure the old fashioned American way.

Oh, but no. It’s time to punish the laity for not financially supporting the innovations of the church by denying them their votes at General Convention. No pay, no play.

When the news hits the laity that resolutions are being drafted to deny their delegates their vote at General Convention because TEC’s coffers aren’t overflowing with happy giving, well, it won’t be pretty. The Episcopal Church is a charity – and when it stops showing charity it stops being a charity. What a sad and tragic turn of possible events – and just guess where it’s coming from.