Rowan Williams: "That is an assumption I can’t accept."

The Archbishop of Canterbury saved the big news to the end of his press conference at the conclusion of the Lambeth Conference in Canterbury on August 3, 2008.

Rowan Williams clarifies his position on “full inclusion” as a human rights issue in The Episcopal Church by saying at a press conference the close of the Lambeth Conference “That is an assumption I can’t accept.

In the closing minutes of a standing-room only press conference, he states he cannot accept that full inclusion of gays and lesbians in all rites and order of the church as a human right, as well as clarifying his views on the”prophetic actions” taken by Episcopal Church dioceses without penalty as the cause of the crisis in the Anglican Communion. He also clarifies what he believes “pastoral response” which differs substantially, even dramatically from how The Episcopal Church defines that phrase by its actions, saying that “I am not very happy about that.”

The question remains unanswered – what will he do now? He did say he will be contacting the GAFCON bishops and primates directly for their insights and reflections and that it was time to call a primates meeting.

Watch below or here Rowan Williams explains his views on rites, orders, and pastoral response as well as rejecting the assumption that “full inclusion” (i.e. conveying holy orders or same sex blessings on non-celibate homosexuals) is a human right. See for yourself.