Thursday Morning at Lambeth

Just back from the morning press briefing and the featured guest was none other than Ian Douglas (who testified for the Episcopal Church at the trial last year in Virginia but left his dictionary at home) who is a vocal member of the Lambeth “Design” committee. He came to explain the day’s plan as the topic of human sexuality comes up at the Lambeth Conference. For all the “lack of control” there sure seems to be a lot of orchestrating to make sure that the hot potato – Lambeth 1.10 – is ignored. We taped the Q & A again and will put it up after the SF Roundtable is done. Again, in this kind of 60s’ style “conversation pit happenings” it’s hard not to be groovy like all the purple dudes, like, it’s all so far-out, man, ya dig?

As far as the weather goes, it’s much like Virginia today – humid with a bright overcast. What we really need is a good Virginia thunderstorm. Stay tuned.