Lonon Times Commentary: The Heaven’s Open Up

BB NOTE: From Ruth Gledhill here. We will not try to take the fact that the weather is shifting as BabyBlue is arriving personally. But we are packing a couple of brollies.

his is a crucial week for the Anglican Communion. This afternoon, we get the third document from the Windsor Continuation Group. That could be a reiteration of Windsor, or an attempt to enforce Dar es Salaam, in other words, the removal of rebellious Primates from the councils of the church. Both conservatives and liberals could then be at risk. Then there are the Covenant and human sexuality debates. Liberals are deeply unhappy about the Covenant, in particular the appendix. Read it here and you’ll understand why. Conservatives are even more unhappy about TEC resistance to rowing back on human sexuality, as made clear by Bishop Mouneer Anis in his letter back home to Egypt. (Dr Anis pictured here by George Conger.)

Then on Sunday afternoon we get the Archbishop of Canterbury’s final reflections.

Even Anglican bishops are human beings. If we get some horrible British weather here over the next few days, as sadly seems likely, I just can’t envisage the bishops continuing to get along as well as they have begun to do. The weather vane will turn, again.