Oh the Humanity: The Bishop Coadjutor of Maine VideoCast from Inside the Lambeth Fence

The Bishop Coadjutor of Maine (guess they get to go to along with all the Suffragans to accompany the diocesans – no wonder TEC has an influx of bishops that outweigh the size of the province – ah, those lovely endowments!) is videocasting along with the current Bishop of Maine who also reports on the afternoon tea (according to those on site in Canterbury now, it seems that one spends an awful lot of time drinking – er, coffee and tea) here. But Bishop Stephen Lane has an interesting video cast that dispels the myth that all is happy inside the walls – er, fence of the Lambeth Conference and that there are some let downs – what he calls “the humanity.” Some are pushy in meal lines and some aren’t getting along at the Bible Studies or are sleeping late or are perpetually late or upset that they are separated from their spouses and getting homesick and it’s too cold to be summer.

So maybe this Lambeth is going to be interesting after all … we do know from Bishop Wright that many are unhappy that the American bishops that consecrated Gene Robinson are present and accounted for. And we know that outside the gates, Bishop Robinson is not happy. But the majority of the American bishops are having a swell time, as we see in this video of afternoon tea. Oh, the humanity.

Also, check out this video from Day Two from inside the Lambeth Bishops Retreat: