The Essence of Indaba in time for Lambeth, we have a very special BabyBluePodcast featuring an interpretive reading of the letter from the Secretary General of the Anglican Communion to the bishops officially attending the Lambeth Conference in Canterbury .

Entitled The Essence of Indaba, the podcast is available for easy download from iTunes so all may have it handy in the iPods and laptops in case there’s a need to review and reflect on the meaning of The Essence of Indaba or perhaps just to catch some extra shut-eye.

Beware! This is an unabridged version, so it may take several days, weeks, months – or even years – to hear the complete interpretive reading since even we keep falling asleep each time we attempt to play it and find, sadly, that we must start all over again. We do hope we may be able to finish it before we leave for Canterbury later this month.

Please note the incidental offering of a public service. If anyone is having trouble falling asleep, be it on the plane, the train, at home, or during the conference itself, we wholeheartedly recommend this podcast as an effective remedy. Teddy Bears and pillows are unfortunately not included, however we recommend here for the perfect pillow and here for the perfect Teddy.

The original text of the letter is located here.

You can click on the player above or go to iTunes and download it to your iPod or computer by clicking on the link located in the Cafe’s links column to your right. The iTunes Podcast is called BabyBlueOnline. You can also click here or here.

NOTE: To download the latest version of QuickTime, click here. Also, Firefox or Safari work best. MS Internet Explorer belongs in the Smithsonian next to the TRS80, so download Firefox instead. And please, be cautious with all emissions.