Pre-Lambeth Countown: 50 Top Anglicans

SATURDAY UPDATE: Well, they have lists 1-20 now up here and here. And let’s just say that at least one major influential Anglican didn’t even make the list, alas! Perhaps what the Telegraph did was merely count the “Google-hits” for each individual to generate their lists and many of the truly influential will not generate “Google hits” (one can only imagine the witty retort now). However, in the real world it’s not the Google hits that matter, as anyone on Capitol Hill – or K Street or Foggy Bottom – will tell you. Fame is not the same as influence. And for commentary on that, click here.

The Telegraph now has added 21-30 – which again tells us more about them then perhaps it does the reality on the ground. But it is entertaining. We wonder if one in particular has picked up a dictionary yet. Obvious ones still haven’t made the list – and we are wondering if one of the most influential Anglicans insiders will even make the list. Stay tuned.

The London Telegraph has devised their own “influential” Anglicans list (which frankly tells us more about what they think is going on rather than what actually is, but never mind). It’s an interesting list for not only who is listed and where (which so far we’ve found rather amusing) but for who is not listed – at least not yet. So far the Telegraph has released their bottom 20 – you can see 31-40 here and 41-50 here.

So who’s left to go – and who do you think will be in the Top 10? We see there’s some serious debating going on over at the table near the David Blue Memorial Pinball Machine. Another round of chais and butterbeer for all.