BREAKING NEWS: WE WIN first Ruling – Court Rules Virginia Statute 57-9 is Consitutional

UPDATE: The Ruling that the Virginia Division Statute is constitutional is here.

The judge has also issued a Letter of Opinion where he answers five questions he posed to both the CANA Counsel and the TEC/Diocese of Virginia Counsel and again, this opinion hits the ball right out of the park. What is so refreshing – which is such a change after witnessing five General Conventions – is that the judge sticks to the law, he doesn’t make it up along the way. TEC and the Diocese have used the same kind of reasoning that they use when they disregard scripture and the meaning of words (remember how Judge Bellows was astonished that the expert that TEC put up to explain the meaning of the word “branch” had no idea, just some general observations and feeling about the word – the judge noted that the “expert” hadn’t even consulted a dictionary, which ironically was thrown back at him by the TEC lawyer at the Constitutional hearing, nearly ridiculing the judge’s initial ruling to his face – it was astonishing then and in the second ruling we see today, that was duly noted by the judge). That is not the case in this court of law.

As soon as there is a link to the Letter of Opinion, it will be here.