Bishop Duncan appoints "Collegiate Vicar" for the Association of Western Anglican Congegations

The realignment continues. More and more the Anglicans are banding together in regions as members of the Common Cause Partnership. Since this region does not have its own American bishop yet, they will be represented by a Collegiate Vicar for now. The Anglican District of Virginia is represented by Bishop David Bena (local), as well as Bishop John Guernsey and Bishop Martyn Minns (national). Watch this space. From here.

NEWPORT BEACH, CA — June 14, 2008–- Bishop Robert Duncan, Moderator of The Common Cause Partnership (CCP), appointed a “Collegiate Vicar” for The Association of Western Anglican Congregations. The decision was announced to the Western Anglicans House of Delegates meeting in Newport Beach today. As the Collegiate Vicar, The Rev. Bill Thompson, Rector of All Saints Anglican Church in Long Beach, California, will serve as an ambassadorial link between Western Anglicans — a cluster of 21 orthodox Anglican congregations in Southern California and Arizona — and the Common Cause Partnership (CCP).

“The appointment of the Collegiate Vicar is a wonderful step in the process of unifying orthodox Anglican believers in North America,” said Ron Speers, Western Anglicans President. “We are modeling at the grass roots what CCP is doing at the national and international level.” Thus far Western Anglican member congregations have canonical ties to the Anglican Province of the Southern Cone of South America, The Anglican Province of Uganda, and The Reformed Episcopal Church. All Common Cause Partners churches in the region, whatever their jurisdiction, are invited to participate.

“We’ve already deployed dozens of clergy and laity in shared ministries, as we await developments at the national level,” Fr. Bill Thompson explained. “And we’re not about to recreate the dysfunctional model of top-down management,” he said. Fr. Russell Martin, Rector of St. Timothy and St. Titus Anglican Church in San Diego, California, concurred. “We’re all about the historic Christian faith that’s based on the deity of Jesus Christ and the authority of Holy Scripture,” he said. “Ministry happens person-to-person at the grass roots level. A hierarchy can’t make it happen. We’re looking forward to bishops who defend the historic faith, who share the faith with the unchurched and plant new churches, not just leaders wielding monarchical power.”

“Hopefully, the appointment of the Collegiate Vicar for us can serve as a model for other CCP-related church clusters elsewhere in the country,” Speers said.

The Western Anglicans Board of Directors elected The Rev. Bill Thompson Chairman and CEO, succeeding Speers, a lay person, who continues as President and Chief Administrative Officer. Fr. Thompson also serves as Dean of the Western Convocation of the Anglican Communion Network.

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