Monday Night at the Cafe: Live from Halifax

Okay, maybe you have to be a Dylanologist to love this – but perhaps you don’t (hope spring eternal)! But when we contrast the Dylan in this homemade video shot just a few days ago in Halifax with other performances in recent years, it just seems like Dylan is on a big time roll. Here is Highway 61, which is bit hard to tell at first – but wow, all we can say is he just must be in a happy period right now. The New York Times has just given a rave review his “extraordinary art collection,” The Drawn Blank Series. We have a few of the paintings up on YouTube here. Looks like others are popping in to check them out.

And here’s one of his signature encore songs – a wonderful arrangement and an excellent performance of All Along the Watchtower:

Dylan is now touring Eastern Europe. Tomorrow night he’s in St. Petersburg, Russia.