Back to Jr High?


1. eschatological
2. anthropomorphism
3. sine qua non
4. eisegesis
5. semi-pelagianism
6. hermeneutics
7. transubstantiation
8. parousia
9. adiaphora
10. Apocalyptic
11. consubstantiation
12. Diaspora
13. hypostatic union
14. synoptic problem
15. Homiletic
16. ecclesiology
17. dialectical theology
18. Apocrypha

19. Septuagint
20. magisterial Reformation

Oh forget it. Guess it could be worse:


Ah, but for how long? Perhaps if we renamed this place The Eschatological Anthropomorphist Semi-Pelagianism Apocalyptic Cafe we might score higher. That might make college level. BabyBlue sounds like we’re still in preschool, so perhaps High School (or Junior High) is not too bad after all. We discovered that our favorite RWB is still in elementary school, alas. Matthew must be right – it must be those Dylan songs. Simplicity is an art form. After all, it takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry.