Home Again from the Daughters of the King Provincial Retreat

Back now from the annual Daughters of the King Provincial Retreat. What an awesome weekend up in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania! The focus on the weekend was on being filled with the Holy Spirit. We had both Episcopal and Anglican Daughters together (this is one place where the center of the relationships is not on the Church but on the King). While there are pressures by some to break up the Order, in Province III the focus remains fixed on Jesus. It was an amazing weekend. We had clergy teaching from the Diocese of Pittsburgh, CANA, and the Diocese of Pennsylvania (where else would we find such a team?!). Great workshops on the Holy Spirit and a time for everyone to be prayed for. It was terrific!

Since it’s Sunday night and we’re a bit weary from the long drive, how about this for Sunday Night at the Cafe. The song was on my iPod as I packed up my car and headed out after our Eucharist this morning. Here’s a song dedication to all the Daughters of the King, Episcopalian and Anglican alike, here in the United States and around the world. Jesus is the center of our Order and our life. May He be glorified in this time – and all time – in our friendships for one another as sisters in Christ. I love you.