ACI: The Schori Presentment Memorandum

5/6 UPDATE: Here’s an addendum to the memorandum focusing on the “defense” Bishop Schori attempted to use in her April 30th letter to the House of Bishops.

The Anglican Communion Institute has the memorandum drafted for the Episcopal House of Bishops that makes a convincing case that Katharine Jefferts Schori has indeed violated the Canons of the Episcopal Church in her recent actions as the Presiding Bishop. This memorandum may be why Bishop Schori wrote this letter to the House of Bishops yesterday.

The memorandum asserts that specific actions taken by Bishop Schori “demonstrate willful violation of the canons, an intention to repeat the violations and a pattern of concealment and lack of candor. In the case of DSJ, the fundamental polity of TEC as a “fellowship of duly constituted dioceses” under the ecclesiastical authority of the diocesan bishop has been subverted. “

You can read the entire memorandum here.