Karl Marx, call your office

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“I think the more you have a disproportion between what people are actually earning and what they appear to be worth, the more you have astronomical sums with very little rationale behind them, the less credibility the whole thing has.”

-Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury Friday, April 25, 2008

And, your Grace, just exactly who gets to decide? What was it Karl Marx said, “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs“? Hello? Ah, but the BBC picks right up on that:

BBC – Your critics would say that’s a pretty old fashioned kind of Marxism.

Williams – My critics might say that, but I think I’d be quite happy to say that seems to me how we run a society that’s confident with itself and believes in itself.

Is that what we really want? A “society” that is “confident” with “itself,” a “society” that “believes” in “itself?” What is a society, sir? You make it sound like it’s some Giant Blob, with no face, no personality, no character, no people – no individuals, no heart, no soul, no feeling, no passions, no person, no choice – just something blob-like, this “society.”

Well who is society? Is it faceless? No, what matters are families and the individuals who live in those families, who make up our neighborhoods and towns, who have choice and dreams and hopes – and yearn for something more.

It’s called freedom.

America is filled with people who yearn for this freedom. Why, even the British are immigrating to America again.

If the Church is incapable of teaching moral and ethical principles as we are discipled to be followers of Jesus (not Marx), then how the hell can we expect a society to be anything different than what it is?

Society is me.

Redistribution of wealth is a failure. Ask all those people who yearned for freedom in what was once the Soviet Union. For heavens sake, sir, get out of your comfy chair form behind your palace walls and out into the real world. Start a business – with your own money for once in your life.

Freedom is essential for a healthy society. But if the Church is silent on preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ and instead sells its own soul to the “spirit of the age” which runs rampant in our society, how can anyone stand there and point a finger raising up Karl Marx from the grave and imposing him as some kind of savior to a society that is decaying into decadence and greed?

Society is you.

It is obvious, sir, that you have never actually worked in the real world – stuffed inside Academia for twenty years, thirty years, now you are stuffed inside a palace pointing fingers and ignoring your own rampant crisis of decadence under your own nose.

If you can’t manage the Church why would anyone think that your ideas about corporate finance matter? What matters is not a “confident society” or the “redistribution of wealth” – but repentance. Personal repentance. Preach repentance, sir – and then let’s see what happens.

And how about starting with our own House first.