Despite Deposing Anglo Catholic Bishops by the boatload and sending the rest off to Rome, the Episcopal Church thinks monasteries are swell

Very interesting article placed in the Washington Post today and picked up immediately by the Diocese of Washington’s Episcopal Cafe from the Religious News Service about, of all things, monastic orders in the Episcopal Church.

That’s not exactly one of the Post’s top topics in a political year. While the article emphasizes that “Episcopal” monastic orders are independent of the Episcopal Church structures, the article does not mention that some of these Orders are in Common Cause through Forward in Faith. It also makes no mention of the recent unpleasantness in the Diocese of San Joaquin or the fact that several Anglo Catholic bishops, who belong to religious orders, have been deposed or are threatened with deposition. It also doesn’t mention that some of the Anglo Catholic bishops who support the monastic traditions in the church have left for Rome.

The “CAROA” website is located through the organization that hosted the Diocese of San Joaquin’s website until it was suddenly and without notice yanked and replaced by the shadow diocese installed by the Presiding Bishop after Easter. As we know, San Joaquin is a “high church” diocese that is very much in line with the monastic traditions. It’s bishop, the Rt. Rev. John David Scofield, is a member of the Society of the Holy Cross. The Society of the Holy Cross (SSC) is an international Anglo-Catholic society of priests with members in the Anglican Communion, the Continuing Anglican Movement, and the Roman Catholic Church’s Anglican Use.

Why suddenly the interest in “Episcopal” monasteries and convents and no mention that the conservative Anglo Catholics are pouring out of the Episcopal Church in droves? The bishops that are being tried and deposed have all been Anglo Catholic bishops. Is this an attempt to quell the rebellion in the Episcopal ranks of Anglo Catholics and put a happy face out in public that all is still well? Perhaps things did not go as well as planned in Lodi or Camp Allen.

Believe me – an article on the happy monastic life of Episcopalians does not just suddenly pop up in the Washington Post during a political year. It’s there for a reason.

Since it’s not mentioned at all in the Post article, read more about Forward in Faith here. Keep watch and pray.