TEC Presiding Bishop severs Bishop Duncan and Bishop Scriven from the official communication list of the House of Bishops

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UPDATE: At about 1:00 p.m. today Bishop Duncan was restored to the official communications list of the House of Bishops. From Bishop Duncan’s office:

Update: Bishop Robert Duncan, Bishop Henry Scriven and Melanie Contz began again receiving emails from the House of Bishops at approximately 1 pm on Monday, March 31. Bishop Duncan’s March 14 response to the Presiding Bishop has also been added to the College for Bishops website.

Today the Bishop of Pittsburgh’s counsel charged that Bishop Duncan has been whacked off the official e-mail list of the House of Bishops by the Presiding Bishop. She’s been sending out materials about him to all the House of Bishops, but not to him.

Not only that, but she’s deleted Bishop Scriven from the communications list as well. What in the world is going on? It appears she does not have the authority to remove bishops who are members of the House from the official communication list. What is wrong here?

There’s also been no response from the Presiding Bishop or her lawyer to Bishop Duncan’s March 14th statement.

A protest is also lodged that the canons of the Episcopal Church were not followed in the deposition of the Bishop of San Joaquin and Bishop Cox. So now we have South Carolina, Central Florida, and Pittsburgh charging that the canons of the Episcopal Church were not followed by the Presiding Bishop and her lawyer, David Booth Beers, when they attempted to remove both men from ministry just before Easter.

From here:

In a letter sent March 28, John H. Lewis, Jr., attorney for Bishop Robert Duncan, protests the behavior of The Episcopal Church’s national office. He notes that not only has there been no response to Bishop Duncan’s March 14 statement that he considers himself “fully subject to the doctrine, discipline and worship of this church,” but that The Episcopal Church’s national office has neglected to distribute Bishop Duncan’s letter and other information to House of Bishops. Lewis goes on to note what appears to be “the deliberate failure of The Presiding Bishop to follow the Canons” in the purported depositions of Bishops William J. Cox and John-David Schofield.

Read the entire letter (and attachments) here.