John W. Howe writes the three most senior bishops of the Episcopal Church; calls depo vote "despicable" and that TEC canons were disobyed

The following letter was sent to the three most senior bishops of The Episcopal Church, the Diocese of Texas’ Bishop Wimberly, the Diocese of Southeast Florida’s Bishop Frade, as well as the Diocese of Virginia’s Bishop Lee by Bishop John W. Howe:

My Dear Brothers,

I need to say how totally disappointed and disgusted I am that not one of you has even acknowledged my post, let alone responded to it.

I have no illusions that the outcome of the despicable vote to depose John-David and William will be reversed, but AT LEAST we might want to obey the canons.

I have moved my concern to the Bishop-lawyers of our House, and I have a small degree of hope that they might be willing to take on an issue that you are obviously not willing to confront.

I recall that another person of influence washed his hands of a difficult matter on this same weekend some years ago.

Warmest best wishes for a glorious Easter,

The Right Rev. John W. Howe
Episcopal Bishop of Central Florida