Heave the Hoover

I heard a great story over the weekend from someone who asked why is it that we keep doing the same things over and over again, when we’ve had proof early on that it won’t work? Why do we keep at it, even after it’s clear that it will not work?

She gave the example of vacuuming her living room. Her living room is 20 feet long, but her Hoover’s electrical cord is 19.5 feet long. It’s almost long enough to vacuum the entire room from the closest outlet.

Every time she sets up to vacuum her living room she plugs in the Hoover and gets to work and each time she gets to that part of the room that is a half a foot longer than the chord and goes ahead and pulls out the plug. She pushes the Hoover forward as though, magically, it will finally reach, just this time. But the plug always pops out of the outlet. Surprised?

Either she gets an extension cord or she gets a new Hoover. But something is going to have to change.