No Squishes Please

I am mulling over writing about the upset over what it means to be a true conservative in the current presidential race. As some of you may know, the very first political thing I ever did was volunteer to run the copier at the Reagan/Bush ’80 headquarters in Washington in 1980. Volunteering there got me a ticket to the big bash on election night at what is now the Omni Shoreham. It was a night I will never forget. But “talk radio” conservatives are in an uproar regarding McCain’s conservative credentials – and while there is plenty to be an uproar about, I am far more concerned about these wacked-out attitudes coming from what appear to be burned-out self-absorbed talk-radio hosts (not you, Fred & Andy). I’m going to write about this later tonight. But what does come to mind, in the meantime, is that these rabid voices have always been around Reagan’s shoes and they used to complain that anyone who didn’t agree with their rabid-style no prisoners-taken style were “squishes.” In fact, at one point they thought Reagan himself was a squish and started a “Let Reagan be Reagan” campaign (see, we haven’t forgotten). Well guess what – it’s time for the real squishes to get squashed. Stay tuned.

PREVIEW: The #1 way to know the true conservative is if they are cheerful. If they are not cheerful, they are not conservative. No, not really. They may be a lot of things, but they are certainly not a Reagan Conservative. And why are conservatives – the Reagan ones – cheerful?

Because they are grateful.

No matter what happens, the gratitude can never be squashed out of them. They can have bursts of temper – Reagan certainly did. But it never squashes their joy. It bursts out sometimes in the most surprising ways and at the most surprising times. And just what are they so grateful about?

They are grateful that they were lucky enough to be born in America.