Ya want fries with that?

Brad Drell, who is one of those who continues to hang in there and slug away (he’s been elected a deputy again to General Convention 2009) does not mince words over the attempt to divide the Daughters of the King (one of the great ironies is that the innovators call those who will stand against them the dividers – or worse, the schismatics, as though their own actions have nothing to do with it). Here’s an excerpt from Brad Drell’s post:

I hope that every member of the Daughters of the King who has perhaps held onto an idea that, come what may in the Episcopal Church, the commitment of this organization to Christ is unflappable, and who could not imagine that anyone in the Episcopal Church would declare war on such a benevolent and spiritually uplifting organization as this. Think again. The first female Presiding Bishop, rather than supporting this organization, is declaring war on it.

Of course, this is not surprising to me. It is an organization that acknowledges the Kingship (read male leadership) of the actual person of Jesus Christ, not some etherial non-sexual Christ. This is incompatible with the Episcopal Church of today.

I had not seriously considered the whispering campaign that could ensue if DOK did not embrace the TEC political agenda (it’s not theological). I also did not consider that TEC is now in the business of protecting the “branding” of the Episcopal Church. I’ve been musing that they are looking at the institution of the Episcopal Church as being like a corporation with franchises, like McDonalds or Burger King. They could no more tolerate Anglicans in their midst then if McDonalds started selling Whoppers. Well, they are selling whoppers all right, but I don’t think they got them from Burger King.

Read the rest of Brad’s posting here.