If a picture paints a thousand words, then what’s up with the Lambeth Logo?

As any good marketing strategy will tell you, you need a good logo. We went through a big training experience back at the Firm where everyone was instructed to design their own personal logo. A logo is a short-stop way to express something about you in one simple graphic design that represents who you are or what you do. Well, Lambeth 2008 is coming up this year and with that they’ve designed their own personal logo that represents who they are – or have they, really? For us on this side of the Pond, we have been alarmed for years about the drift – now turned into a tidal wave – that the Episcopal Church is basically becoming the church of the Liturgical Unitarians. After all, Unitarians were once Anglicans too, until the Archbishop of Canterbury (post-American Revolution) nixed their idea of joining up when the Episcopal Church was being formed (hat tip, Dr. Bob Prichard at VTS). But that was then – this is now?

Let’s take a look:

The Orange Logo is the Unitarian Universalist Logo, the Yellow Logo is the Lambeth 2008 Logo. With all that’s going on in the Anglican Communion, why did they choose a “flame” to represent Lambeth? Ah, but the spirit is doing a new thing, right?

Here’s the Lambeth 1998 Official Logo:

At the center was the cross.
But that was then.

Tip of the tinfoil to Pluralist in the UK.