Live from Mad City

COLUMBIA, MD–We’re here live at Mad City for the Songwriters Showcase. Back in 1973 (yep, Richard Nixon was president) I walked Hale Junior High School and met Kathy Stanley, now an accomplished songwriter and performer. In our quest to learn our new camcorder, we’re here at “Mad City,” a very cool coffee shop that serves Kona Coffee. Kathy’s going to be up soon and we’ll see what sort of video we can get. She’s an awesome songwriter. Stay tuned.

UPDATED: Straight from the BBCam, here’s a performance of “You’ll Do,” By Kathy Stanley:

Next up: More from Ray Remesh & Loose Change performing Driftwood:

The following is off the iSight camera, but we’ll have the concert off of the Trust BabyBlue Camcorder tomorrow. But this was downloaded right from the venue. Stay tuned. It’s great to have friends that last through decades of one’s life, even thirty five years. You just never know.

Here’s Ray Remesh and Loose Change – they were great!

LATER: And finally, Kevin Stanley joins his mom in their song, “Fading Away.” And with that, we bid you goodnight. We’ll dedicate this one to Mr. Fry, erstwhile Social Studies Teacher of San Diego’s Hale Junior High, circa 1974 – and to all the members of “Rent A Mob.” You know who you are.

You’ll Do ©Kathy Stanley & Sara Storey; Hideaway ©Kathy Stanley & Marc-Alan Barnette; Fading Away ©Kathy Stanley & Kevin Stanley