Forget the Three Wise Men …

Last month, as children were preparing for their annual Christmas Pageants, the Archbishop of Canterbury told the London Telegraph that the story of the Three Wise Men is just a myth. Well, now we learn from Katharine Jefferts Schori that it wasn’t the Three Wise Men after all, but the Three Wise Women.

According to Christianity Today in their story online “Episcopal Headquarters Takes Steps to Remove Conservative Bishops,” George Conger reports that Bishop Schori sent out Christmas Cards to all the Episcopal bishops that “shows a mother and child surrounded by three wise women.”

Of course! The men stayed home and watched sports and it was really the Three Wise Women who showed up. Someone get Rowan on the phone. Apparently there’s no mention of Jesus in the card at all. Instead the card focuses on “wise women throughout time and in every culture know themselves to be seekers and seers of the divine.”

And that, Charlie Brown, is what Christmas is really all about.