Right, so I was going to put up “You got a friend” by James Taylor, then I was going to put up “Hey Jude,” by the Beatles, and then I thought about “What the World Needs Now,” by Dionne Warwick – and then I heard this and thought of Greg and Jake – and then Sarah, Lisa, Matt, Doug, Mark, Kevin, George, Elizabeth, Kendall, Susan R., Simon, Ruth, the Elves, Louie, Chris, Andrew, Susan S., Christopher, Pat, Brad, Jackie, David, Chip, Jim, Jan, and the Mighty IRD and that was that. Rock on, brothers and sisters. This is going to be the year.

Oh, and by the way, listen to the end, if you dare. Greg, call your office. And pass the chai.

And a tranquil tip of the tinfoil to Mark for the toon. You just never know.