PM UPDATE: More here. It’s hard to explain the relationship between the Washington Redskins and Washington. The Redskins have been my team since I graduated from high school (before that, it was the Los Angeles Rams but then they moved to Disneyland, I mean Anaheim and I lost interest). But it’s been the Skins through the good and the great and the bad and the terrible seasons. I still think there’s the Curse of Jack Kent Cook on the “FedEx” Stadium for renaming it after a delivery service rather than the guy who actually built it, but never mind. This morning’s news was terribly sad, terribly sad and tragic. And everywhere, on the sidewalks, going down escalators, standing in line at Starbucks, holding on to the bar in the subway train, or riding up and down elevators – over and over you could hear the word “Why?” The grief on Joe Gibb’s face is etched in my mind this evening. He had poured so much of himself into this one player and there had been a change – he’d gone from being a selfish kid to a real emerging leader. And then – what? The perplexity on Coach Gibbs faced was matched by thousands of others. I heard there was a big meeting in Annapolis today but from Washington’s point of view, at least today, Annapolis might as well have been on the other side of the world. Today it was.

Here’s the press conference today with Coach Gibbs and Redskin team owner, Dan Snyder.