Day One

Here’s what happens when BabyBlue has a pen and paper and has spent five hours listening to testimony from historian experts. We are artistically-challenged, but as you can imagine we must be cautious with commentary (we love our lawyers). You can click on the picture to make it a bit larger (at your own peril). This was the big moment today – and it was a doozy (for history wonks, that is). Figured that since we shouldn’t really comment on it, we’d draw the moment instead. Nothing like historian professors prowling through libraries looking for cool stuff.

Did see friends, some who had driven a long way to be here. Ran into another long-time Truro member who was actually serving on a jury down the hall and that was a great surprise. Bishop David Jones, the Suffragan Bishop of Virginia, was in the court room all day. Witnesses testifying (but have not yet have testified) are not permitted in the court room until after they have testified.

So, here’s our report. Can you find the former Truro Parish vestry member from the 18th century in the picture?

Thank you for your prayers! Tomorrow should be interesting. Stay tuned.

Tip of the tinfoil to Linda for the scan! Thank you!