Say what?

At the Press Conference this afternoon, Jon Bruno was asked by the New York Times about the fact that same sex unions go on in his diocese. He insisted that it didn’t happen in his diocese or with his permission.

From StandFirm:

NYT: “It [same-sex blessings] happens on the diocesan level, you know that …”

Bruno: “It does not happen in my diocese with my permission”

Here’s the photo of their wedding. From Malcolm Boyd’s website:

Malcolm Boyd with Mark Thompson following the blessing of their union by Bishop J. Jon Bruno of Los Angeles in the Cathedral Center of St. Paul on May 16, 2004. This occurred on the twentieth anniversary of their life partnership.

You can see Bishop Bruno in the back of the photo. See the original here.

Chip Webb writes on the topic here. He links to a blessing that occurred in Jon Bruno’s diocese just this past Saturday at All Saints Beverly Hills here at the New York Times. Gabriel Ferrer, husband of Debbie Boone (of You Light Up My Life and Daughter of Pat fame), officiated. Bruno said he knew nothing about it. And also said he doesn’t read the New York Times.