Inside House of Bishops

We are now inside the House of Bishops. The first person I ran into when I arrived here was John Howe.

Now they are reading the first draft of what they hope will be their response to Dar Es Salaam.

After a long introduction, they are now reading the draft, the part that they are reading now is about the process. I am waiting for them to get to the point.

We have heard our guests expressions of concern, we are hearing read. Actions taken have caused “great difficulty” for mission in their cultural contexts. He is also speaking to communication problems. We have blurred the distinction between pastoral reasons and liturgical rites on same sex unions. Also about acting independently and their polity.

The Holy Spirit is summoning us to mend the torn fabric of our communion. Now comes the part on “commenting” on the torn fabric. Requires a partnership>

a. Affirm PB’s plan for Episcopal Visitors.
b. Concern about Pastoral Scheme and asks the PB to continue “conversation” with those requesting oversight, but does not “violate” the constitution. Calls the pastoral care of international bishops “incursions.”
c. Asks for everyone to embrace the “listening process.”
d. Resolution B033 – in honest there is disagreement about this resolution. Asks for patience and forbearance from everyone. No liturgy has been authorized. We acknowledge that blessings of ssu is unacceptable for some in the House and remains perplexing to us. We offer respect to the differing viewpoints. We acknowledge that in some of dioceses it includes ss blessings as pastoral care.
e. Lambeth Conference: They look forward to that gathering (for those of us who were invited). Bishop of New Hampshire has “not yet” received an invititation to the Lambeth. We propose that Canterbury invite a small group of bishops appointed by the PB to help Canterbury basically invite Gene Robinson. All of God’s children are full and equal participants in Christ’s Church.
f.Again, they affirm themselves and their own gatherings and that they are not of one mind, but strive to be of one heart. We build our relationships we will need to cooperate with the spirit and give space to the spirit to work (did he really say that???) – and then he quotes a hymn I haven’t heard of.

AND THAT’S IT!!!! This is the first draft but it’s so far from John Howe’s proposal (which was the minimum of what could actually satisfy the requests of Dar es Salaam) that it’s just the same old, same old. Where are the other proposals? That was Standard Issue. You can read Matt Kennedy’s live blogging (he was catching most of the words and is typing fast and furious next to me here) over at StandFirm.

Now they are engaging in Table Talk. No wonder the Network bishops left early. That was basically a justification for all that they’ve done – and they think they are going to send a little group over to “help” Canterbury invite Gene Robinson. They just don’t get it, they don’t get it. It’s completely on their own terms.

Well, it is the first draft. But they have such a long way to go – they spent all weekend writing that?

They affirm Schori’s Flying Vicars plan – how do they back away from that misguided plan that will never bring us back?

The bihsops are doing “table talk” in their little groups around their round tables. It definitely has sparked conversation. There is a hum in the room as they talk.

Someone get Cornelius Fudge on the line, he’s got to be around here somewhere.