What could the House of Bishops offer the Anglican Communion?

Kendall Harmon writes this morning, “I believe very strongly that one of the many tragic aspects of this whole Episcopal Church debacle in the last five years is that not only was the decision in 2003 wrong (and the way it was made wrong) but that nearly every major decision made by the TEC leadership since then has made it worse. The hard part about this is that when you keep failing to offer a sufficiently radical solution to a problem, the next time you face it it requires an even more radical solution.”

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If the TEC Bishops still have any integrity left, they could take very seriously what the Bishop of Jerusalem and Egypt Mouneer Anis told the House of Bishops yesterday, “If you really believe that the truth revealed to you is different from that shown to the rest of the Communion, then you need to uphold that claim with boldness even at the risk of losing unity. If you think it is right and necessary to ordain and consecrate practicing homosexuals and that you should bless same sex partnerships or even marriages, you should be true to what you believe is right and accept the consequences.”

I am convinced that this is exactly what the majority of not only the House of Bishops, but of General Convention believes. The media campaign from 815 is that this division is over an issue of justice. If that is true, then why don’t they courageously stand up and take the consequences for their convictions? They have publicly framed the debate in those terms and not in the terms of the Dar Es Salaam Communique – for them the division is over justice.

Is the Anglican Crisis one of Biblical Doctrine or Social Justice? What say you?

What we need is clarity right now,
not fudge.