The Battle of New Orleans

It wasn’t until Roger mentioned this song in one of his posts below that I remembered this song. I just had to put it up today, especially as the House of Bishops are now in session just above where I am in the newsroom. I’ve setup live videoblogging from the newsroom which is wireless. David Virtue is here, Stephen Bates of the Guardian is here, Peter from the ACN is here, and so is the intrepid George Conger with Living Church. He comes with news that the room where the bishops are meeting has windows …

There is a press briefing this afternoon and then we’re all invited to join the Archbishop of Canterbury as he goes to make a visit to the devastated 9th Ward (good photo-op for the press) followed by the “ecumenical” service tonight where Rowan Williams will be preaching.

As I arrived here at the Intercontinental, I could hear the bishops singing a hymn as they were celebrating the Eucharist. But the doors were closed.