DEPO Revisited: Schori seeks to endorse boundary crossings

BB NOTE: Schori has attempted to reimpose DEPO (guess this means that they can’t complain anymore about “boundary crossings” now can they?) after it died three years ago (or perhaps is was only mostly dead). This is another classic example of the church in denial. DEPO doesn’t solve the problem, it kicks it down a field (or in this case, it shoots it into the sky). She’s gotten eight bishops to fly. The thing about being a flying bishop is one is prone to lose their luggage – one way or another – along the way. The problem is we have a lot of bags being packed, we don’t need flybys. Also, note how they attempt to split off John Howe and Jim Stanton – as though flying will solve anything. We don’t need flying bishops, we need steadfast and grounded ones. But if this means that TEC is endorsing boundary crossings now, well? Some boundary crossings, perhaps, may be more equal than others. Again, TEC attempts to redirects the issue to suit their themselves. DEPO revisted. Does she think that after three years we’ve forgotten? I don’t think so.

Stay tuned.

Read 815’s press release here.

The Living Church has an update here which spells out what these flying bishops might be doing, which sort of harkens back to this. So we get not one primatial vicar, but eight flying ones. And what does “certain disciplinary actions” mean?