Where shall we put this deck chair, Bishop?

The Times-Picayune is reporting that the Bishop of Louisiana has a handy-dandy resolution in his pocket – and it’s all ready signed by bishops even before the meeting officially begins for the TEC House of Bishops. Notice the spin, though – of “two Anglican Communions” (that’s not true, no, not at all – there is only one Anglican Communion, the question is whether The Episcopal Church will remain in it or be reduced in status). Notice also that the word “division” is being bandied about quite a bit (it used to be a no-no word, now it seems to be the Word of the Week). Notice also that The Episcopal Church will set up its own “scheme” (not the one in the Dar es Salaam Communique) and will spin it that this will solve all the problems. In fact, will there be two Episcopal Churches, but one General Convention? That’s not a division, that’s rearranging the deck furniture.

Here’s an excerpt from today’s article:

Few observers expect the Episcopal bishops to retreat from their steady course of the past 30 years.

“We expect the House of Bishops will continue the direction they’ve already set,” said Peter Frank, a spokesman for the Anglican Communion Network, a fellowship of nine conservative dioceses and 650 to 700 congregations. He said conservative bishops will leave the New Orleans meeting when Williams leaves. The meeting is scheduled to continue until Tuesday.

Jenkins said he and 10 co-signers will offer a resolution that tracks the overseas primates’ wishes: banning same-sex rites, ending ordination of gay bishops, and establishing some kind of alternative Episcopal leadership for conservative congregations.

But he said his highest priority is to hold the communion together even with its divisions.

“The most devastating thing, and the thing I do not want to see happen, is that there becomes two Anglican communions in North America,” he said. “It is a sickness unto death. If we claim to be a catholic body, this is a temptation to which we cannot give in.

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