Another one bites the dust …

Oh well.

This morning we woke up to our usual early dose of talk radio and one of the first stories we heard at the break of dawn was this story about Senator John McCain:

‘Episcopalian’ McCain is a Baptist, really

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (Sept. 17, 2007) — Republican presidential candidate John McCain, who has long identified himself as an Episcopalian, said this weekend that he is a Baptist and has been for years. Campaigning in this predominantly Baptist state Sunday, McCain said he and his family have been members of North Phoenix Baptist Church in Arizona for more than 15 years. ”It’s well known because I’m an active member,” the Arizona senator said. This summer, McCain said he found the Baptist church more fulfilling than the Episcopalian church, but still referred to himself as an Episcopalian. –By Bruce Smith (AP)