California Supreme Court agrees to hear California Parishes Appeal

NOTE: The California Supreme Court has unanimously granted St. James Newport and the other California parishes petition to review. This is good news. Read the docket sheet granting the petition to review here (with grateful thanks to Greg at StandFirm). Here’s what friendly lawyer/GC Deputy Brad Drell has to say:

I’d put a 50% chance (maybe higher) on the California Supremes reversing the appellate court decision and reinstating the trial court’s decision dismissing the action by the Diocese and the Episcopal Church. The fun part about this is that it paves the way for more parishes to leave, and perhaps the Diocese of San Joaquin. Oh, and then this case gets cited as a California Supreme Court case in every court in the country where the Episcopal Church tries to litigate.

If I were David Booth Beers, I’d be worried. A victory for St. James Newport Beach would hopefully bring TEC to its senses and to stop the legal war and try to resolve things amicably. Prayers need to continue along these lines.

Read Brad’s entire posting here.