Canterbury suspends Lambeth Deadline; Telegraph reports only a couple hundred out of the 800 invites have responded

We learned, after the Australian bishops said they would not respond until after the Episcopal Church answers the Primates Communique, that Canterbury had postponed the Lambeth deadline for bishops to respond to their invitation to the conference next year. Today we learn from the London Telegraph that “Only a couple of hundred of the 880 Anglican bishops invited to next year’s Lambeth Conference, one of the most critical gatherings in the Church’s history, have replied by the deadline set by the Archbishop of Canterbury.” Hmm …

The Telegraph also reports that “The Rt Rev Michael Scott-Joynt, the Bishop of Winchester, said in a recent interview that more than half of the Church of England’s bishops would also wait until next month before deciding whether to attend.”

The September 30th countdown continues. Read the Telegraph article here.,9,30,00,000,00&Title=Communique+&Message=Countdown+to+Primates+Communique+Deadline&

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