Getting out the big guns: Did she really say that?

Katharine Jefferts Schori is interviewed in the Seattle Post. “When you bring out the big guns, the pastoral solution has failed.” Big guns? Did she really say that?

The Diocese of Virginia had a pastoral solution and it was blasted when David Booth Beers showed up at the Ok Corral, er, the Diocese of Virginia’s join meeting of the Standing Commitee and the Executive Committee and started getting out those big guns. So much for a real pastoral solution – what does she mean by her pastoral solution?

Who can believe a sitting Episcopal presiding bishop is actually using those terms – bring out the big guns.

Here’s an excerpt from the Seattle Post article:

Backed by the national church, the Diocese of Virginia has launched legal action to regain property of the breakaway congregations. Schori said her approach is to act as the church’s chief pastor, keep dialogue going, and work toward “adaptive solutions” that will “hold us together” despite differences.

“If the pastoral responses fail, and there are attempts to destroy the structure, the way you respond is the structural way, the canonical way,” she said. “When you get out the big guns, the pastoral solution has failed.”

Obviously, she authorized getting out those big guns because someone bullied the Diocese of Virginia into suing 200 volunteers and inhibit twenty-one clergy, including one that has now been elected as an Anglican bishop. Is this her type of pastoral solution?

Bishop Lee had a real pastoral solution – under his leadership, it was found through months of prayer and tears and hard work and sacrifice, but then guess who came riding into town?

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