Breaking News: Drexel Gomez votes "aye" on Atwood Consecration

StandFirm and TitusOneNine are both reporting on the statement of Archbishop Drexel Gomez, chair of the Anglican Covenant commission, who votes “aye” on Bill Atwood’s consecration scheduled for August in Kenya. This is big news. Here are some gems from the Gomez Statement:

Unfortunately, the unanimous offer of the primates was rejected by the House of Bishops and the Executive Committee of the Episcopal Church. In the face of this unequivocal rejection, the Instruments of Communion must determine the most appropriate response to this unfortunate spectacle of a fragmented Anglicanism within the United States of America .

So much for the “happy talk” of the TEC Presiding Bishop. The Executive Committee and the TEC House of Bishops have made schismatic decisions (the “gift” that keeps on giving) that is leading to “this unfortunate spectacle of a fragmented Anglicanism within the United States of America.” Archbishop Gomez is very clear to say that it is TEC’s action that are causing the division, the latest of which is the rejection of the “unanimous offer” of the pastoral plan for orthodox Episcopalians.

And then Archbishop Gomez also says this:

Finally, the willingness of the Province of Kenya to collaborate with the other orthodox Anglicans in the United States could serve the point towards a creation of a viable, stable and orthodox Anglican presence in the United States .

He speaks to the “creation of a viable, stable, and orthodox Anglican presence” in the United States. That is an extraordinary statement, coming from Archbishop Gomez. Butterbeer is on the house tonight.

Read the whole thing at StandFirm or TitusOneNine.