815 Media Offense Continues: Rowan Williams on the Cover of Time and now KJS on Bill Moyers

Watch the whole thing <a href="
http://www.pbs.org/moyers/journal/06082007/watch2.html”&gt; here.Joining the Time Magazine Cover Story, we now have the TEC Presiding Bishop, Katharine Jefferts Shori coming in as reinforcement.

Live Blogging: It is a Puff Piece, could have been produced by 815. If you look at a squid, what does it tell you about the world? “The body of God being all creation.” So now the Body of God is Creation! AHHH!!! Commentary coming. I must have a chai. Feel free to post your own commentary. Religion is at its best is an invitation into a relationship – not a set of instructions of how to deal with every challenging person in the world. Ying and Yang. Ying and Yang. Ying and Yang. Oh my gosh – now she’s saying that Jonathon had a homoerotic love for David. AHHH!!! Now she says that scripture is just a culture book. Bible says gay sex is okiedokie. Please, watch this video. She has no tolerance for any other view then her own. She says that the issue is a “moral issue” and there is no other way, no via media – one way or the other it’s a moral issue, like Slavery! Like Slavery! Those who support the biblical view of human relationships are like Confederates, like those who thought slavery was moral. Oh my gosh. She wants to re-educate Christians to accept homosexual intercourse as a moral thing, because we have a Greek heritage. Oh my gosh, now she’s dividing the male “spirit” and the “female” spirit. Oh, now she’s talking about women leadership (is she following talking points???? Women? Slavery? Gallileo?????). It’s between “Modernists” and “Traditionalists.” She’s painting that it’s what she calls the “traditionalists” aren’t listening. Oh, it made her “very sad” – she knows what it’s like to be excluded from the Table. A few more people may have to decide to go somewhere else because we don’t accept this “innovation” but it won’t tear the church apart. They are functioning in a very different context – that’s why the African Church is exploding in membership and the reason is because “it’s less clearly defined” which is what BISHOP SPONG SAID DURING LAMBETH 1998. Sorry for shouting. Oh, here comes the Nigerian laws – and now she’s attacking Peter Akinola – she has no idea. No idea what he’s been doing during the past several months to get that legislation tabled. She’s never called him to ask him what he’s doing or helped him get it done. This is a propaganda talking point. Why did that legislation disappear? Ask yourself – how did that happen? Yes, there is a difference in context but it’s the Americans imposing agnostic modernity onto Africa. Now she’s whining and attacking Archbishop Akinola in a way I’ve never seen her do.

What is going on? What is God asking you to do? It’s all about people self-actualizing. A painful thing to do – hope for a broader understanding if we “pause.” Push pause. It’s not fair – a “crucified place to stand.” Can you imagine if Bob Duncan talked like this?????

Stain Glass Ceiling – Seeds of an Alternative View. Gender Free. The words are “Tradition” – not Faith or Gospel, it’s a little “tradition” that can be cast off as so irrelevant to our modern way of living.

In the feminine?

And her idea of gospel work is people doing things. Oh my goodness.

How can I be an Episcopalian? This is the Episcopal Church? Watch this interview for yourself. This is what I’ve seen at General Convention since my first one in 1994 – but now it’s all over the Church since 815 is imposing its will over the dioceses and the dioceses outside the ACN are capitulating. Virginia held for so long, but now it’s capitulating as well. The PB represents The New Episcopal Church.

This interview is a fine example of how The Episcopal Church has left us. Watch it. You can also see it at Anglican TV.

UPDATE: AAC has the full transcript of the interview here.

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